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Runnin' Game

Runnin' Game

As summer gets set to return and those backyard barbecues, family reunions and block parties jump off, so will a Spades game. So, just like Stella got her groove back, it's time to get your game back. Here's a quick refresher to set you up for success and bragging rights.

  • Most common bid: 5 and a possible You don’t have to get all the books alone. If your partner has game, they’ll help you make your bid.
  • Most uncommon play: a Boston Here’s a tip: don’t play your Ace before the Big or Little Joker come out.
  • Most Common Mistake: Leading with Spades Make sure to read the table because talking across the table is a straight-up violation.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you’re runnin’ game all summer.


5 and a possible

Running a Boston

Leading with Spades

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